Get the Right-Sized Insurace Plan

A solution ideal for healthy or moderately healthy persons.

HealthWise is

  • Dedicated to providing innovative insurance solutions for families, 1099’s, small business owners, large corporations, and associations.
  • Full plans covering critical illness, specified disease, hospitalization, doctor visits, RX, accident, and disability insurance solutions.

So if you’re company is…

  • On a limited budget
  • Having problems with quality recruiting
  • Facing low morale in your employee base
  • Experiencing spiraling premiums
  • Looking for tailored coverage
  • Concerned about having to satisfy high annual deductibles
  • Realizing your health plan doesn’t match your health condition
  • In need of a good wealth plan

Improve Your Wellness

  • TeleMedicine

  • TeleVet

  • TeleSpine

  • TeleBehavior

  • Social Anxiety Relief

  • Child Development

  • Clever Rx

  • Relationship Growth

  • Smart Sober Living

  • Get Paid to Excercise

  • PTSD & Trauma

  • Hear in America

  • Smart Medication Manager

  • Fitness Tools for Nutrition, Fitness, Sleep, Hydration, Well Being, Education and More!

Improve Your Lifestyle

  • Lower Your Bills

  • 0% Payday Loans

  • Student Loan Debt Relief

  • Call Alert Center

Improve Your Leisure

  • Cash Back Mall

  • Shop Now Pay Later

  • Travel, Entertainment & Dining

All these products sit on a world-class technology platform that lets you take Healthway with you wherever you go So now your wellness, leisure, and lifestyle are on your HealthAPP, just a click away. It’s your UBER of healthy living!

Young or old; Healthy or unhealthy.

A solution ideal for persons wanting a full, or customized, non-insurance inexpensive bundle as either a stand-alone solution or additional comprehensive plans.

Healthy or moderately healthy.

A solution for anyone needing an insurance plan that matches their health and not wanting an oversized expensive major medical that they seldom use.

Over 63 healthy or unhealthy.

A solution for someone looking to bridge Medicare and beyond.

USHealth1’s Clients Include