Team, Professionalism, IQ, Client Centricity, IBM1980, Humor


Value diversity with a unifying purpose


Personal commitment to bettering oneself to become a consummate entrepreneur


Imagination, Ideology, Intelligence

Client Centricity

Being a little OCD in a good way to our client’s goals, plans, and challenges


Replicating our CEO’s first day at IBM when he learned the IBM creedo. 1) respect for the individual 2)respect for the customer 3) do it right the first time


Creating an atmosphere to laugh at ourselves and not taking work to seriously

The American health, wealth, and life insurance system as it exists today is fundamentally broken and favors the wrong stakeholders.
USHealth1 is creating a paradigm shift in healthcare, lifecare, and wealthcare to remove the frustration of too many answers by providing 1 solution.
Team, Professionalism, IQ, Client Centricity, IBM1980, Humor
We believe in people before profit
Our product strategy provides you with flexibility, scalability, and affordability
USHealth1 is well positioned in these target markets which leads to great success.
Other than our people, our partners are the lifeblood of our company.
USHealth1 is building one platform that brings products,enrollment, marketing, commerce, employee engagement,Social Media and an APP. It’s the UBER of insurance!
USHealth1 has a certain pop to it's brand thorugh presss releases, brand videos, presentations, and more!