A Solution to Bridge Medicare and Beyond

Ideal for healthy or unhealthy persons over 63.

HealthWise is our product segment for Medicare Supplement Plans and Medicare Advantage. Supplements are given letter names, to fill the so it can be easy and don’t wind up confused. Plans and their coverage are always changing. For example, Plan F was considered the go-to package.

So if you are…

  • Turning 64
  • Otherwise new to Medicare
  • Losing benefits at work
  • Just moving to another state,
  • Need a seasoned advisors

Young or old; Healthy or unhealthy.

A solution ideal for persons wanting a full, or customized, non-insurance inexpensive bundle as either a stand-alone solution or additional comprehensive plans.

Healthy or moderately healthy.

A solution for anyone needing an insurance plan that matches their health and not wanting an oversized expensive major medical that they seldom use.

Over 63 healthy or unhealthy.

A solution for someone looking to bridge Medicare and beyond.

USHealth1’s Clients Include