Your One Solution for Health Insurance

At USHealth1, we are motivated by the belief that the American health, life and wealthcare insurance system as it exists today is fundamentally broken. Individuals and businesses are experiencing higher costs year-over-year, for insurance plans and products that don’t favor the right stake holders.

We are here to offer a NEW way to do insurance – developed by taking wholly different approach. Our ONE solution considers your unique needs and challenges and provides you with the right products and services for your business.

Young or old; Healthy or unhealthy.

A solution ideal for persons wanting a full, or customized, non-insurance inexpensive bundle as either a stand-alone solution or additional comprehensive plans.

Healthy or moderately healthy.

A solution for anyone needing an insurance plan that matches their health and not wanting an oversized expensive major medical that they seldom use.

Over 63 healthy or unhealthy.

A solution for someone looking to bridge Medicare and beyond.

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